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North Bellshill farm situated in North Northumberland over looking the stunning coastline of Lindisfarne and Bamburgh castle. It is a family run business with animal welfare, the environment and the community at its core.


We would like people to know more about where food their comes from so we decided to open our farm to the public in 2003. We have come a long way since the cold drafty shed where school groups came to. North Bellshill now has a warm and dry education building called The Hedgerow. This building is where people can hold meetings and parties. We will host nearly anything and try to demonstrate on the farm all the time. We are a LEAF demonstration farm one of only 3 in Northumberland.


We have sheep (some are  even pets) all these sheep have lambs once a year, we also have cows, all sorts of native breed cows, the Highland cows are usually everyones favourite. The cows have a calf every year and when visiting you can often see them together.


Our meat to eat

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Nearly all of our animals are produced for market, some are sold directly to pubs and restaurants throughout Northumberland.We are Beef and Lamb LEAF Marque, an assurance scheme that is recognised by Waitrose, Marks and Spencer and Sainsburys

LEAF marque is one of the highest quality assurance schemes. If you would like to know more about LEAF MARQUE click on the Leaf logo below.

If you are interested in buying our products please contact us directly through th email address below.


One of our Aberden Angus bulls

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Livestock sales

We sell livestock directly from our farm, this is a simple and disease free way of buying well bred cattle and sheep directly from the known producer with a high health status.

As livestock becomes available, usually when it reaches a certain age, we advertise it with a brief description and pictures.

All of our livestock are exactly as described.

Visits welcome.